College Stucture



Based on the vision, the mission and the need, International Aviation College is a collegiate system with several schools within the system. Each school addresses a specific area of specialty within the profession. Four schools are envisaged.

These are:

  • Flight School
  • Maintenance School
  • Air-Traffic Control School
  • Support Services School

The Flight School is for the training of fixed wing aircraft pilots at both ab-initio (from ground zero) as well as recurrency levels. The Maintenance School will train aviation mechanics. The ATC School is to train controllers while the Support Services School would be responsible for training all other avaition personnel including Cabin Crew, Flight Dispatchers, Security and Firefighters. While the Flight School is up and running, the other schools are projected for the near future.

Other Departments

  • Business Development Unit
  • Internal Audit
  • Quality Assurance
  • Safety
Training Department
  • FLight School
  • Ground School
  • Synthetic Training
  • Flight Operations
  • Aircraft Maintenance
Registry Department
  • General Administration
  • Student Affairs
  • Human Resources
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Library
  • IT Unit
  • Main Account
  • Stores