Instrument Rating on DA42 - (Modular)

Description Hour Fee/Hr(USD)  Total(USD)  Total(Naira) 
Simulator 10 160.00 1,600.00 456,000.00
Actual Aircraft Dual Instrument 20 360.00 7,200.00 2,052,000.00
Administrative Fee     875.00 252,000.00
Sub Total     9,675.00 2,760,000.00


* Please note

Payment can be made either in United States Dollar or in Naira as stated above.

However, student may be required to pay additional fee in due as a result of the following reasons:

  1. Future change in the aircraft rate
  2. Increase in the exchange rate of the United State Dollar viz-a-viz Naira
  3. Cost incidental to the need for additional training to meet required proficiency